I’m soooo close


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What Mackenzie and her friends do at Competitions. [x]



I got this off of Instagram so I don’t know if it’s real. Does anyone know if it is?

Don’t think it’s real. I don’t think Maddie has a Facebook and if she does, it’s a like page


Birthday, Dream On A Star, and Swan Solstice are the most seamless and flawless routines I have ever watched.


The fact that Chloe made a vine of her own beautiful back handspring, with Paige in the background, no Abby, and Problem playing- is perfect to me


And I literally don’t understand how someone of you can say “Chloe’s not as sweet as she seems.”

If this doesn’t speak lengths to you about Chloe, as a person outside of dance. Then you need to re-evaluate yourself. 


Chloe Lukasiak for David Hoffman (Sharkcookie)